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Thursday, November 5, 2020


 I sat back and watched it fall.

I played a significant role in not upholding you in your highest regard.

I was present while you were being mocked and shamed.

I think at times I even joined in the fray.

I did nothing to protect your honor.

I can't speak for all brothas but I can speak for me.

From this day forward I declare and decree that you will be shown your proper respect by all especially in the presence of me.

Black woman you are a Goddess and nothing short of perfection.

Life begins with you.

You alone hold the key to the kingdom on the physical and spiritual plane.

You deserve to be adored for all your majestic  splendor.

You've had to be strong for way too long.

You deserve  to allowed to vulnerable and be handled delicately.

I vow to give you my all and defend you with my last breath.

Black woman you've given the world everything.

You deserve nothing less.

Now let me adjust your crown.

Let me restore it's luster.

Let me add one jewel for every time you were made to suffer or feel pain.

I vow your crown will never get tarnished again.

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