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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Want a cookie? 🍪

I don't like wasting my breath.

I like being mindful of it.

I don't like wasting my energy arguing.

I'd rather spend it creating.

I'd rather spend my free time pondering and creating not debating.

You are one those people that like to argue.

You "need" to be right.

You want the last word.

You want the final say

Ok. You win.

You have more knowledge than me.

Your  grade point average is higher than mine.

You have more degrees.

You can Google search quicker than I can.

You win.

Your right.

You know evvvvvverything.

You are smarter than me.

You feel better now?

How about a trophy.

Maybe you'd enjoy a parade.

Want a cookie?

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Thursday, November 14, 2019


I can't wait to crack you open.

I want to explore your mysteries.

Tell me something.

Show me something.

I'm ready to soak it up.

Make laugh.

Make cry.

Intrigue me.

Leave in suspense.

Teach me.

Call out to me.

Give the wisdom that is transcribed on you.

Expand my mind.

Sculp the landscape of my imagination.

Broaden my horizons.

Wisk me away to the secrete place you created.

Please do me one favor though.

Don't ruin the ending for me.

Give anything you want.

Any subject.

Any category.

I'll soak it up like a sponge.

If your good enough I'll do it again and again.

Prop yourself up right here.

Lets get to it friend.

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