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Saturday, December 26, 2020

Tis the season?

Seasons greetings to one and all.

Happy holidays.

Seasons greetings I say to yours.

Seasons greetings I extend to thee.

I hope you enjoyed yourself and enjoyed  spending time with your loved one's and those whom you consider family.

I hope you ate  your fill.

I hope you quenched your thirst.

I hope you took alot of photos.

I hope you created fond new memories.

I hope you played games.

I hope you gave and recieved gifts.

I hope you celebrated this season in all your traditional ways that you usually do.

I hope you received and sent love during those days too.

Now that the festivities are over I have some questions to ask.

Will you keep on showing love or did you just reserve it for these days?

Will you keep checking up on loved ones and keep making time for your family?

Will you continue to help all those in need and keep showing compassion towards your fellow man?

Will you keep doing and being the best you possibly can?

Was the joy you felt truly authentic or was merely a seasonal facade?

I'm not trying to harsh your buzz or derail your train.

All I want to know is if your happiness real or is fleeting just like this season?

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