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Thursday, December 3, 2020

her tears.

She's ruined art.

She's tainted tranquility.

She had her landscape ravaged by an unwelcome poacher.

They promised to protect her and love her to no ends.

Now she cries silently praying for it to end.

She wants to leave to find heaven but is afraid of catching hell.
She tries mask her pain behind chartuse blinds of deception.

She's convinced herself that it's her fault.

She provoked the lion.
She evkoked his rage.
She did not carry herself to his liking.

Now she sits in a desolate cage yearning to escape.

She feels ashamed for allowing it to go on for so long.

The nightingale wants wants desperately to fly away from all that is wrong.

She want to sing but she is afraid to share her song.

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