Thursday, October 29, 2020


 He went to the same academy you went to.

He received the exact same training you did.

He pledged the same oath you did.

He swore to serve and protect just you you did.

He promised to have  your back and you promised him the same.

You both wear blue but that where it stops.

You believe in justice for "all"  but he does not.

You do it by the book.

He makes his rules

You turn it all in.

He skims his of the top.

When you see a man who is black you just see man.

When he sees a black man he sees a potential suspect.

He wants imditate action.

He views him as a threat.

He won't call for back up and doesn't believe in speaking to them nice.

As far as he's concerned he's saving the taxpayers money by ending a black life because they don't matter.

All he needs is your cosign to seal the deal.

What should you do?

He is a cop but is he like you?

He's not your brother.

He's a disgrace to the badge.

He the opposite of everything you stand for.

He's not like you.

You owe him no alligence.

Your concious tearing you apart.

Don't uphold the brotherhood.

Listen to your heart.

He's slime and not worthy to stand next to you.

If your superiors say he acted justly then ask yourself if that outfit is still for you.

Take a stand.

End Police brutality.

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HLH 10/29/20©️

I got me.

You don't see the bigger picture.

You can't grasp my motives.
Your oblivious to my methods.
When you look at me and listen to me all "you" see is madness.
You think I'm a nut.
A weirdo... big time.
You counted me out in your mind and left me for dead.
Well I'm here to let you know that you can go on and go right ahead.
Stay over there with your doubt and distain towards me.
I don't live for your cheers and I'll never cry over your boos.
I don't need your approval or accpetance.
Its really alright if you think I'm extra, basic, or way over the top.
I don't live for you.
I live for me and I'm never going to stop.
So stay in your box and keep on silently judging me like you've been doing from the jump.

I promise you I don't care.

I never needed you.
I'll never be in need of you.

I expect nothing from you.

If I have to walk alone for the rest of my days than that's alright by me.

If anybody in the world's going to have my back it'll be me.

hallziespoetrycorner:Poetry with a passion.
Poetry for all occasions ™️.
HLH 10/29/20


 I was having a problem but wasn't quite sure on how to approach it.

I paced back and forth and around and around.

I was burden with anxiety.

Riddled with uncertainty and drowning in doubt.

I was perplexed.

Confused to say the least.

I sat and sat.

I pondered and pondered.

Yet I kept on drawing blanks.

The answer I was seeking  kept alluding me.

Then I finally decided to hit streets.

Someone must know how to solve this problem.

Some one must have the key.

I sat out  on my journey determined to find a clue.

I needed an answer.

I needed someone to tell me what I should do.

The first person I came across was wisdom.

I began to ask wisdom to help me out but wisdom interrupted me in mid speech and said, "I already know what this is all about."

I could tell you what you want to know, but you will not be able to fully grasp it in your current state of mind.

Stay traveling down this path to until you reach a plateau. 

Once you see it call out for the one called consciousness and they will tell you what you need to know.

I thanked wisdom and then departed swiftly.

I walked until I reached the plateau

I called out to consciousness and consciousness responded back.

Then as I was about to ask my question Conciouness handed me a key. 

Then told me to take the key to knowledge and knowlede would reviel the answer I seek.

I asked Conciouness how do get to  Knowledge.

Conciouness replied,"Stay on this path until you see a large tree."

Knowledge will be perched under it and waiting for this key.

I walked a little further until I reached the tree.

Sure enough, knowledge was resting comfortably and looking as if he was expecting  me.

I waswwas from all that traveling. I couldn't muster the strength to speak. 

I just handed knowledge the key.

Knowledge pulled out a box and handed me the box along with the key. Then told me to open it and I'll finally get the answer I seek.

I opened the box and found a peculiar sight.

The box contained the letters N and R and hand mirror. 

I looked at knowledge and asked knowledge to explain.

Knowledge said you already know.

Put all the items together and keep saying it until it becomes plain.

I looked at the items again.

I said, NR mirror.

No that wasn't it.

Then I said,N R reflection."

No. That didn't sound quite right either.

The I said N R a flection of me.

NR me?

I scratched my forehead and furrowed my brow.

Then I tried saying it again out loud.

N R me.


That was it.

Why did take me that long long to see.

The answer I was seeking was before me the whole time.

It was the "inner" me.


hallziespoetrycorner:Poetry with a passion. Poetry for all occasions.™️

HLH 10/29/20©️

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Breyonna's Ballad


First responder.

 Long hectic days and cold lonely nights.

A thankless daunting task with no ending in site.

Essential worker.

First responder.

Adrenelane surges and heart aches.

Day in and day out drama. 


Shattered nerves.


Some passengers make it and and some don't.

That's the life of an EMT.

The only  "real" comfort for them  is getting to go home to their  nice "safe" house in their  nice "safe" neighborhood and the end of their day.

That is,unless they don't happen to own a home yet and their neighborhood isn't safe.

Welcome to Breyona's life.

She lived smack dab in the center of hell.

She was surrounded by dealers, suppliers, gangstas, and users. 

Nothing around her but broken souls, people that had their dreams dashed, derelects, and flowers that never made it to full bloom.

Her only ray of sunshine was her meaningful line of work and a vivid dream of what life would be like over greener pastures and brighter sunrises.

She didn't let her harsh environment consume her happiness. 

She pressed forward with a smile on her face and hope in heart.

 She was a visionary with a vision board. 

She exicuted each move she made with intent. 

She expected a change and began seeing all of her plans manifest slowly into friuition. 

She had just manifested a car and was nearly on her way to owning her first home. 

She was a few pay checks away from her new house, 

and living her new life in her new neighborhood.

Then it all got snatched away from her on that horendeous night.

No knock.

No warning.

No ID.

No apology.

No empathy.

No remorse.

No accountability.

Just hot lead and aggression.

All  in the line duty.

Officers,when you close your eyes at night I pray you see her face until your dying day.

Officers, you all "need" to feel ashamed.

Justice has no sight but vengeance has an angel be and Breyonna Taylor is her name.

hallziespoetrycorner: Poetry with a passion.Poetry for all occasions™

HLH©️ 9/03/20

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Karen my your own business

Karen exactly who the hell do you think you are?

You don't own the street.

I'm going to need you to stop.

Karen noone appointed you captain of the block.

I'm going to need you to stop.

Karen you don't get paid to enforce the park rules.

Karen I do not have to answer to you.

I'm going to need you to stop.

Karen stop violating my personal space.

Karen get out of my damn face.

I'm going to need you to stop.

Yes, Karen this my car.

Yes ,Karen I live here.

No, I will not show you my ID.

Fall back with all that.

I'm gonna need you to stop.

Karen I don't need to learn or speak this bastardized language properly just to prove to you I belong here.

I was here first so there is no going back.

I'm going to need you to stop.

Karen I have witnesses and my phone out I don't need you to tell me your calling the cops.

I'm gonna need you to stop.

Karen if you haven't notied no one else cares.

Karen stop making a scene.

Karen just stop.

Karen are you quite finished?

Karen I'm going to give you the best piece of advice you ever had in life.

Karen just mind your own damn business.

Karen just stop.

hallziespoetrycorner:Poetry with a passion. Poetry for all occasions.
HLH ©  7/14/20

Emotional chess

There is alot of information to proces and digest.

A whole lot is going on right now.

Through all this one I must remain strong.

Think strategically before you react.

One mustn't fall for ploys.

One mustn't fall for traps.

Don't get baited into arguing with a fool.

Take ten breaths.

Try not loose your cool.

Put your yourself in a good situation.

Plot ten moves ahead.

Think about how sad your family will be if you were to die from moving irrationally.

Don't allow yourself to become a casualty from situation that could have been avoided.

Don't let your rage comsume you.

Do not allow your emotions to run the show.

The stakes are high.

This game is rigged.

It was set up from the get up.

Despite these seemingly impossible odds it is still possible to win this day.

You'll never be beaten if you make the choice not to play.

It's easier than it sounds.

It is a simple thing to do.

Control your emotions or your emotions will control you.

hallziespoetrycorner:  Poetry with a passion. Poetry for all occasions.  ™

HLH 7/14/20  ©  

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Play your part

We all have a gift.

We all have a talent.

We all have a special skill that sets us apart.

In times of peril the world demands we use them to play our part.

We all  can help our fellow man in this great time of civil unrest.

We all can do something productive to ease this tension and relieve this stress.

So lets  go out and bring forth all your donations and contributions.

March forward for justice and unite as one to provide solutions.

So builders build.

Muscians compose.

Activist  get active.

Cooks nourish the troops.

Singers croon the tune of freedom

Comedians humor us and uplift our spirits.

Artist immortalize this moment for future generations to see.

Musicans let your your instrument's melody rejuvenate the souls of the  spiritually dead.

Rappers spit that spit. Tap in and reach out.

Religious figures steady your flock for the choppy waters that lie ahead.

Poets speak or write the doctrine for the healing of the broken.

Leaders lead. Take control of the helm to organize the troops.

Hustlers acquire the funds and dispurse them liberally to finance the cause.

Fighters protect and defend to bitter end.

Resesrchers fact-check the media devils. Prevent the spread of misinformation.

Keyboard warriors your needed too. Spread awareness on your platforms so everyone will know where to go and what to do.

Lets stay stay focucused

Lets move as one and not get side tracked or divided.

We all must aggressive or non-violent.

One thing we can no longer do is stay silent.

hallziespoetrycorner: poetry with a passion. Poetry for all occasions.™
©HLH 6/7/20