Monday, May 30, 2022

Thanks are in order


It's a wonderful feeling knowing how much you all worry about me.


I'm very flattered that you actually took the time to let me occupy a space in your head rent free.

It really warms my heart knowing that always watching everything I say and do.

Here's the funny thing though.

I can't say I could ever find the time to worry about you. 

You could vanish off the  face of the earth  tomorrow and I'd never be the wiser.

If talking bad about me brings joy in your life then knock yourself out.

I truly don't mind.

You need me to wonder to  in your limited space.

You love my style.

You admire my face.

Every insult is just quite nod.

It really symbolizes what you really want to be.

You and I both's me. ...Thanks your too kind.

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