Tuesday, May 3, 2022

The solo


You can seek advice.

You can seek council If you  want to know more about a particular subject

Wanting to acquire more knowledge is perfectly alright.

However, if your seeking your purpose in life that will be a little more difficult.

It will take many days and many nights.

You may come in contact with a few guides and mentors along the way but you will prove to be the expert at the end of the day.

This your destiny.

You are the  architect.

You are the artist.

You the captain of your own vessel

  You are the chief ambassador

You are the engineer.

Your own voice is what you need to hear.

Find it.

Use it.

Embrace it.

Listen to every single syllable.

That's your true help.

Only you can design your own life and no one else.

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HLH© 4/3/21

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