Saturday, May 7, 2022

Same page


I'm not easily impressed.

I have my own mind. 

I'm a whole vibe.

I have my own mind. 

I'm soft spoken and meek but I'm far from weak.

I pay attention to everything.

I don't just watch how people move.  

I listen to what they say and how they speak. 

Everyone can't be everyone's cup of tea.

Here are a few things that just do it for me.

You speaking my language if your not speaking about change.

We can't get down with constant put downs.

Materialism doesn't interest me.

I enjoy positivity.

Speak growth.

Speak life.

Speak kindness.

Speak evolution.

Speak progression.

Speak love.

Speak light.

Speak perseverance.

Speak unity.

Speak empowerment.

Speak revolution.

Speak good fortune.

Speak health.

Speak truth.

Speak God.

Speak enlightenment.

Speak spirituality.

Speak consciousness.

Speak good spirited humor.

Speak passion.

Speak abundance.

Speak reciprocity.

Speak life.

Speak energy.

Speak universally.

Speak diversity.

Speak healing.

Speak wisely or do not speak to me.

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