Monday, February 24, 2014

Momma Rose

Moma Rose.

Momma rose  was always there.

Momma Rose even let her enemies know that she cared

Momma Rose.

You never knew what was coming out of that bag.

  She always had the perfect gift for just the right person.

Momma Rose, was the pinochle of feminism even while cursing.

Momma Rose always brought out the best in those that could not see it in there self.

Momma Rose was quick to let you know what she thought even if you did not ask.

Momma Rose so too strong.

Momma Rose would tell you off and put you in your place

Momma Rose always nurtured and protected those she felt was her own.

 Momma Rose couldn't be tamed.

Momma Rose was the board that would not break.

Momma Rose was the flower that would not wilt.

Momma Rose was forever  boisterous.

Momma Rose was always got the last word not matter what.

Momma Rose loved every last one of us.

Rip Momma Rose "tiger red" Allen.

The poetry corner: all occasions poetry. Poetry with a passion

copyright 2/23/13 HLH

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

All Hail the King

Martin Luther king had a dream.
He dared to dream a magnificiant dream.

He dreamed that  all multi colored brotheres and sisters would be able to sit down at the table of equality.

He pushed forward through society’s hatred and ferousity.

He dared to take a stand and brake the mold along with his silence.

He radiated love and personified  non violence.

To this very day  his speech resinates  and  embodies peace and nobility.

He was the shining example of what it means to take on a cause.

He did it on principle  and purpose alone...not for applause.

His struggle was not in vein.

He helped deliver a whole generation out of darkness and gave them a glimpse of what could be.

Even though we still have a long way to go. His sacrafice gave our nation plenty of room to grow.

His voice was  was the civl rightsi era’s rights truest freedom ring.

We are forver  grateful.

All hail. Dr. Martin Luther King.

All the opportunities and freedom we now have in America may have not been possible if wasn't for him and all people like him in that era.

Hallzies poetry corner: All occasions poetry. Poetry with a passion tm copyright 1/21/14 HH


All hail. Dr. Martin Luther King.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Young man

Young man hold your head.

Don’t let it the world get you down.

Young Man

Don’t  pay attention to stormy skies

Young Man

Young Man never give up before you try.

Young Man

Hold your head up and stick your chest out.

Show your pride.

Young Man

Be your own man / don’t follow the crowd.

Young Man

This is your world go get it

Young Man

When you have a dream don’t quit until you get it.

Young Man

Put in that work. Get back up after you fall

Your not less of man for not hiding your pain.

Young Man

You don’t have to suffer in silence.

Use you mind before you resort to violence.

Young Man

 You are a king

Young Man

Don’t be embarrassed to wife your queen

Young Man

This world belongs to you

Young Man

Show pride and always press through.



Hallzies poetry corner: All occasions poetry. Poetry with a passion tm  copyright1/21/14 HLH





Baby girl

Baby girl hold your head.

Don’t let the world get you down.

Baby girl

Don’t  pay attention to the hungry eyes

Baby girl

Baby girl don’t fall for a pack of lies.

Define your own beauty. Know your true worth.

Spread love. Jump over hurt.

Baby girl.

Everyone of your sister’s aren’t  true friends.

Be carful of how wide you open your heart and home

Baby girl

You are a queen and deserve a king

Baby girl

Protect your essence./ save your presence

Baby girl

You are a delicate flower.

Baby girl.

Life begins with you.

This is your world. You wield the power.
Hallzies poetry corner: All occasions poetry. Poetry with a passiontm copyright 12/29/19 HLH

Sunday, December 29, 2013


Just random thoughts.

Incoherent noise.

unfiltered   dreams.

Meaningless themes.

Dashed hopes.

What does it all mean?


Walking along journey with no end in sight.


Trying to do right when tempted with wrong.


Pushing for extra strength reserves but it’s all gone.

Testing 2

Found your limit long ago but still moving ahead.


Remaining calm when you see nothing but red.

Testing  (is thing on?)

Holding on and refusing to give in

Testing. testing testing

Will not stop until you win….

This was a test.

You’ve just been testested and you passed.

Your more than strong you are built to last.

You are the future and have transcended the past.

This was test. Repeat. This was only a test 

There will be more.
Keep your heart and you will pass them all that’s for sure.

Hallzies poetry corner: All occasions poetry. Poetry with a passion tm copyright12/29/13 HLH

Monday, December 16, 2013

Forgive me(note to self)

Forgive me  for treating you so wrong.

Forgive me for draining your spirit and not hearing your song.

Forgive me for not  up lifting you and making you feel down.

Forgive me for not supporting your dreams.

Forgive  me for being so harsh/ so mean/ so crass.

Forgive me for not quieting your doubts and reminding you to laugh.

Forgive me for not feeling your pain.

Forgive me for not seeing your side of things.

Forgive my finger pointing,  overthinking, and blame.

Forgive me please . forgive me for causing  you so much pain and dourest .

I can’t turn back the clock now.

What’s done is done. What’s said has been said

I can not go another day without you forgiving me.

Please do it so I may rest my head.


Hallzies poetry corner: All occasions poetry. Poetry with a passion tm copyright 12/16/13 HLH

M.A.N.D.E. L.A

M. Monarch. You inspired and sparked the flame.

A. Anointed. You were anointed with gift of leadership to help deliver the oppressed from pain.

N. Necessary.   The sacrifices you made were necessary and were not in vein.

D. Decision. You made the decision to take action and make a change.

E. Example. You were an example of overcoming insurmountable odds.

L Live. You lived Life seeing end from the beginning

A. You have ascended into greatness for all your noble deeds.


Mandela. The man. The Monarch. The South African savior. HE is gone but his legacy live.

Hallzies poetry corner: All occasions poetry. Poetry with a passion tm copyright 12/16/13 HLH


RIP Nelson Mandela.