Tuesday, January 21, 2014

All Hail the King

Martin Luther king had a dream.
He dared to dream a magnificiant dream.

He dreamed that  all multi colored brotheres and sisters would be able to sit down at the table of equality.

He pushed forward through society’s hatred and ferousity.

He dared to take a stand and brake the mold along with his silence.

He radiated love and personified  non violence.

To this very day  his speech resinates  and  embodies peace and nobility.

He was the shining example of what it means to take on a cause.

He did it on principle  and purpose alone...not for applause.

His struggle was not in vein.

He helped deliver a whole generation out of darkness and gave them a glimpse of what could be.

Even though we still have a long way to go. His sacrafice gave our nation plenty of room to grow.

His voice was  was the civl rightsi era’s rights truest freedom ring.

We are forver  grateful.

All hail. Dr. Martin Luther King.

All the opportunities and freedom we now have in America may have not been possible if wasn't for him and all people like him in that era.

Hallzies poetry corner: All occasions poetry. Poetry with a passion tm copyright 1/21/14 HH


All hail. Dr. Martin Luther King.

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