Monday, December 16, 2013

M.A.N.D.E. L.A

M. Monarch. You inspired and sparked the flame.

A. Anointed. You were anointed with gift of leadership to help deliver the oppressed from pain.

N. Necessary.   The sacrifices you made were necessary and were not in vein.

D. Decision. You made the decision to take action and make a change.

E. Example. You were an example of overcoming insurmountable odds.

L Live. You lived Life seeing end from the beginning

A. You have ascended into greatness for all your noble deeds.


Mandela. The man. The Monarch. The South African savior. HE is gone but his legacy live.

Hallzies poetry corner: All occasions poetry. Poetry with a passion tm copyright 12/16/13 HLH


RIP Nelson Mandela.

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