Monday, December 16, 2013

Forgive me(note to self)

Forgive me  for treating you so wrong.

Forgive me for draining your spirit and not hearing your song.

Forgive me for not  up lifting you and making you feel down.

Forgive me for not supporting your dreams.

Forgive  me for being so harsh/ so mean/ so crass.

Forgive me for not quieting your doubts and reminding you to laugh.

Forgive me for not feeling your pain.

Forgive me for not seeing your side of things.

Forgive my finger pointing,  overthinking, and blame.

Forgive me please . forgive me for causing  you so much pain and dourest .

I can’t turn back the clock now.

What’s done is done. What’s said has been said

I can not go another day without you forgiving me.

Please do it so I may rest my head.


Hallzies poetry corner: All occasions poetry. Poetry with a passion tm copyright 12/16/13 HLH

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