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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

So be it.


I think I'm a little bit selfish.

I mean I love hogging myself to myself.

If that makes any sort of sense at all.

 I used to really want alot of friends to take to and hang out with.

I desperate for company.

I would be willing to compromise my own time and sacrifice my own interest just to fit in.

I wanted to be part of a large circle.

I was willing to pay any price.

Now I find pleasure being alone and staying in my bubble.

I encounter no hastles or troubles.

I love relaxing with my thoughts and enjoying my peace.

You can have that huge circle.

Keep your crowd.

I'd rather maintain my peace of mind.

I prefer quite to loud.

I know eventually I'll have to let a few in to accomplish some things but  for right now tranquility reigns supreme.

Sirenity is where it's at.

My circle is almost non existent and I'm just fine with that.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2022



It may not be visible at all times but it's always there.

You just have to know how to look.

It's in the sky.

It's on land.

It's in the sea.

It's deep inside you.

It's deep inside me.

What is it?

What could thing be?

It is light.

It's glow radiates and illuminates over all.

It warm carcess, rejuvenates and heals.

We have it.

We can see it.

We drawn to it.

We all require it to live.

Be free hearted with it.

Bask in it.

Allow it to teach you how to live.

Let shine brightly and give it away lovingly.

Allow it to to dispell darkness and awaken you keen senses and incite.

It is eternal and never fades.

Do yourself the hugest favor and shine your light.

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