Wednesday, August 1, 2018


Martin Luther King had a dream.
He dreamed  that we would be able to sit down at the table of brotherhood and have a  big slice of equality. His dream has partially come into fruition.
We now have opportunities and privileges we were once denied of because of his dream.
We definitely are in a better place because he dared  to dream.
I have dream too.
I dream that black son's can live in world where they don't have to speak to their black fathers from a correctional facility pay phone.
I have a dream that we no longer need affirmative to get employment satisfaction.
I have a dream that one day we won't have to become entertainers or athletes to achieve the American dream.
I have a dream that one day we'll start teaching our little girls to become empowered women.
I have a dream that one day we'll start teaching our little boys to become righteous kings.
I have dream that we'll start loving our own culture before we make painful strides to understand other cultures.
I have a dream that we'll stop killing each other over dated notions of hood etiquette.
I have dream that we will be able to gather peacefully in public places without having public law officials being called on us.
I have a dream that one day we'll learn to be more tolerant of each other.
I have dream that one day the truth won't be deemed as preachy.
I have dream that one day we will become totally self -aware and self-reliant.
I have a dream that we will stop being so easily divided and distracted on the matters at hand.
I have a dream that one day we'll stop insulting each other on social media and start toasting and wishing each other well in all their endeavors .
It's a nice dream.
It sounds really good.
Pardon me if I drift off on you in mid-speech sometimes.
 I was probably just dreaming.

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hlh 8/1/18

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