Friday, July 27, 2018


I'm living in world full of white noise.
My thoughts are being drowned out by polluted air waves.
Every time I turn on the news I get the blues.
Every time I pick up my device I feel like loose a little piece of my life.
People always say things like stay positive and don't let what's going on in the world effect   what's going on in your world.
I wish that was an easy task to do.
I can't unsee the things I see.
I can't unhear the things I heard.
I can't unread the things I've read.
What is the solution?
How do you hit the mute button on a million screams?
Where's the escape hatch?
How do we put this ride on cruise control?
How do we unplug from the machine when everything has been mechanized.
We've all become desensitized.
We're all becoming weaponized.
We're all getting exploited and victimized for your entertainment.
All news isn't bad news but now a days good news isn't news at all.
How do we reprogram the programmer?
How do we take our peace back?
How do we get back on track?

If you have one of the answers.....that's news to me.

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