Monday, July 9, 2018

The world needs a healing

Everyone is divided on all sides of the fence.
People are suffering feeling downtrodden.
They are in dire need of recompense.
We need a healing.
We're all brethren in the house of humanity.
We just look and vibrate differently.
We all bleed the same blood and the breathe same oxygen.
We all require the same amount of water to survive.
We are all one but give off unique energy.
Just because I love me some me does not mean I hate you.
Just because I love my kind and want to see them prosper and thrive does not mean that I want to see your kind wither and die.
No-one should be made to feel inferior.
Who is anyone to claim dominance over another one or call someone else inferior?
We let small things trip up.
Humanity is a race and were all coming in last place.
We're all bogged down with fear and allowing hatred to slow down our pace.
We fell down and got wounded internally.
I wish I could slap a band aid on the hurt and make it disappear forever.
I'm only one man but starting today I'll try to do all I can.

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CR: HLH 7/9/18

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