Wednesday, August 1, 2018


 People ask me all the time why are you so quiet.
I never know quite how to answer them.
In this new generation we live in we give everything a clinical sounding name to describe something or someone.
Quiet people like me used to be described as weird.
Now people say introvert.
I guess I'm an introvert by todays standards.
I think I'm old fashioned in a sense, because my grandmother(god rest her soul) used to call quiet people mindful.
I think that's what's wrong today.
There are not enough mindful people in the world.
Before I open my mouth ( or type as it were) I'm mindful.
I'm mindful before I complain about going to work when there is someone out there in desperate need of a job.
I'm mindful about complaining about my day when there is some one some where drawing their last breath.
I'm mindful before I speak foul words when someone irritates me.( sometimes one or nine might slip) 
They might just want my attention that badly.
I try my best be mindful before calling a woman  out her name because of how she dresses or what type of man she's attracted to.(she may have been touched at an early age)
I'm mindful about calling someone stupid just because I don't understand their   logic.
One has to be mindful in these times we live in.
If people were more mindful we'd have more progress,  and less stress.
I'm not perfect by any means.
Sometimes I do go all the way off.
When I do though......I'm mindful about it.

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