Thursday, January 9, 2020

Nolesome(alone but not not lonely)

My biggest fear used to be being alone forever.

Then I learned how to appreciate the silence.

It was in the silence that I heard the truth.

I learned what was dwelling within me internally....all the way down to  my roots.  

I learned how to appreciate myself.

I learned how to let my conscious be my guide.

I learned how to trust my intuition and let my instincts steer me in he right direction.

I learned how to let my minds eye capture the scenery like a photograph.

I hold these still images until they are bought into precise focus.

I hold them until all the blur is gone.
I hold  them until all shadows and lines have dissipated.

I hold them until I can see what is clearly before me.

I could have never gained such incite running with the crowd.

I do get lonely every now and then, but chasing after them moment is small in comparison to moving mountains from within.

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