Thursday, December 17, 2020


Their is life and death in the tounge.

You'd be surprised at the things words can do.

Words can cut shaper than the sharpest blade.

Words have the power to  heal and conceal more effectively than any tourniquet or bandaid.
Saying the right words out loud to the right person can propel them to the highest height.

Saying the wrong words to a person can ruin their entire day and may even aid in ending their life.

Their is life and death in the tounge so speak wisely when you speak them aloud.

Speak words that can inspire the most dismal of crowds.

Speak with passion.

Speak eloquently.

Speak passionately.

Speak with purpose.

Speak to inspire.

Speak to motivate.

Speak positivity.

Speak with kindness.

Speak light.

Speak love.

Speak change.

If you ever feel at an absolute loss on what to say then don't speak at all.

Let your silence be your response.

For after a word leaves your mouth  you can't undo it or take it back.

Take a moment to think about the last thing you said.

Can you live with that?

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HLH 12/17/20©️

Thursday, December 10, 2020

For the love of it.

Would you love doing it any less if no one knew you where doing it?

Do you find your work rewarding without being rewarded for it?

Would you quit doing it if none ever said your name?

Are you passionate about it or are you just seeking fame?

What is your intention?

What do you hope to gain?

Do with passion.

Move at a vigerous pace.

If you truly love it then everything else will fall into place.

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HLH 12/10/20©️

Heavenly slice

Speak it like you mean it. 

Walk it like you talk it.

 Live it like you love it.

Be what you want to attract.

Think before you speak.

Plan the way you react.

It's just that simple.

It can be just that nice.

You can live truly free or keep paying the price.

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HLH 12/10/20©️


What's even really real anymore?

Sometimes it feels like I'm living in a post apocalyptic nightmare.

Everyone is walking around with a face mask .

Hoping it will protect them from invisible harm.

The masks come in all different,sizes, shapes, colors, and styles.

Some masks even have personalized messages inscribed on them.

You can see the huddled masses adorn them from miles away.

It makes me wonder sometimes what else are they trying to  protect themselves from?

Mask over rejection.

Mask over sadness.

Mask over bullying.

Mask over loss.

Mask over trauma.

Mask over suffering.

Mask over pain.

Mask over isolation.

Mask over hatred.

Mask over feelings of woe.

Mask over anything you don't want others to know.

Masks conceal.

Masks make you feel protected.

Masks make you feel discrete.

However, a mask  is only a temporary solution.
Their conceling effects we're not made to last.
There will come a time when all will be reviled after you unmask.

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HLH 12/10/20©️

Thursday, December 3, 2020

her tears.

She's ruined art.

She's tainted tranquility.

She had her landscape ravaged by an unwelcome poacher.

They promised to protect her and love her to no ends.

Now she cries silently praying for it to end.

She wants to leave to find heaven but is afraid of catching hell.
She tries mask her pain behind chartuse blinds of deception.

She's convinced herself that it's her fault.

She provoked the lion.
She evkoked his rage.
She did not carry herself to his liking.

Now she sits in a desolate cage yearning to escape.

She feels ashamed for allowing it to go on for so long.

The nightingale wants wants desperately to fly away from all that is wrong.

She want to sing but she is afraid to share her song.

hallziespoetrycorner:Poetry with a passion.
Poetry for all occasions.™️ 
HLH 12/02/20©️

Farewell party

What's more sweeter than sweet?

What's more heavenly then heaven?

Look at everything you bring to the table.

If they walk away then let them leave. 

Don't agonize.

Don't worry.

Don't stress.

Don't feel hurt.

Don't beg them to reconsider.

Don't chase.

Celebrate them leaving.

Give them their space.


They settled for space when you were their entire  universe.

Let them go.

Leave them to their fate.

Keep shining

Never look back.

Close the gate.

If they call saying they miss you....let them eat cake.

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HLH 12/02/20©️

Message received

If you have something to say then speak.

Let your thoughts be known.

Make your intent be crystal clear.

I'm not a mind reader.

Meanings are never implied.

What's big to you is small to me.

Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Make your message be clear day.

Never assume.

Make your audience see the message your trying to convey.

Misunderstanding is darkness.

Communication is key.

hallziespoetrycorner: Poetry with a passion. Poetry for all occasions ™️

HLH 12/03/20©️