Tuesday, October 19, 2010


My soul was broken, battered and bruised, My energy was drained and all my reserves were completely used.

Try and try as I might; I just couldn't muster the strength to fight.

I stand here a broken man now; I see no clear victory in sight.

I cry out loud and beg for mercy but there is no one who'll hear my plight.

There's nothing to save me from life's awesome might.

Just when it's looks the bleakest I stand fast and pray, Then I witnessed all the darkness around me slowly fades into day.

My strength has returned so fleeting and new. I am omnipotent now brazen and true.
I no longer fear life's awesome wrath. I am reforged and on a new path.

I am revitalized, reborn reshaped.

copyright 10/19/10 HLH

Monday, October 18, 2010

kill yourself

I'm tired of everything being my fault.

I'm not to blame so why do you want me to feel shame.

Your projecting hate on me for something I did not do.

Don't point the finger at me.

Turn it around and point it at you.

I'm very sorry you feel this way about me.

I've done nothing wrong to you.

I am not the enemy.

I will not keep apologizing for this deed.

I also have feelings.

I too have needs.

So go ahead and hate, roll your eyes,scream, stomp, and ,moan
I'll speak to you again when you feel like acting grown.

Until then.

Leave me the fuck alone!!!

copyright 10/18/10 HLH

let me

Let me heal your broken heart.

Let me mend the wounds that were left behind from agony's dart.

Let me ease your weary mind.

I'll brush away all your tears.

I'll protect you from all your fears.

place your hand over my heart and feel how purely it beats.

It beats slowly, steady and true.

If you let me.

It will only beat for you.

copyright 10/18/10 HLH


Don't say a word because I already know.
I saw you looking.

I sensed your body flow.
I'm aware of your thirst and I'm eager to quench it.

Free your mind from doubt and worry
We have plenty of time no need to hurry.

Let's start off with a simple gaze.

Then work up a lather of moist haze.

Let the juices flow and our bodies pulsate.

Massive grinds and thrusts, keep melding till there is no more you or I only us.

No need to rationalize or make sense of our act.

You yearned. I gave.

Now what's wrong with that?

copyright 10/18/18 HLH

Friday, October 15, 2010


Let me play you a song.

Its too right to be wrong.

Listen to that sound.(drip)

So aromatic. So sweet.

A constant winding rythm.

Calculated beats.

A symphony to behold.(spilsh)

To melodic to resist so all you can do is surrender.(splash)

Quivering interlude.

Pulsating percussion.

Tender agony

Silence. Then pause for the cadence.

Applaud if you like.

Take to heart that when the love is good.

Lightening always strikes twice.

copyright 10/15/10 HLH


Illuminating gaze. Dusk Haze.

Nature's song of life ringing in my ears.

The day has dwindled down to almost nothing.

Confusion mounts. Yet my faith is vast.

I'm slightly refreshed yet still parched.

As twilight looms a glimmer of hope settles and doubt fades.

My path is clear. no need to pretend. I embrace it and embark on it as star dust descends.

copyright 10/15/10 HLH

Mission statement

Ok I started this blog page for my comp 104 class
 some time ago and i haven't really been using it because I really wasn't feeling blogging but now I am.

 It's my goal to write an entire book of poetry and get it published. In order to do that I need feedback.
 I have a Black Planet account and have been posting my poems  on there and i've only recieved like a dozen or so commets, so my game plan on here is to import a few of my pieces from my black planet page and then try to come up with some new material on here. and i'm also gonna do commentaries on various topics.

Anyone who follws me on here enjoy and  please give me feedback.