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Sunday, April 24, 2022



It always obvious.

It isn't always in plain view.

It is however, all around you.

It's in everything.

It's even in things that cruel, vicious, and eternally dark.

Look closely and you'll be able to spot it.

It's in the air.

It's in soil.

It's in the water.

It's in the trees.

It's inside of you.

It's inside of me.

You release your inhabitions it never allude your detection.

Practice seeing it in all.

Make it your new  discipline and make art.

Beauty resides in everything and keeps the world from falling apart.

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Thursday, November 21, 2019

Wilted flower.

Who did it?

Who bruised your delicate petals.

Who forced  you to bloom before you were  ready.

They didn't take the time to admire your beauty.

They just grabbed you by the stem and plucked your petals.

I wish you could see  yourself the way I  see you.

I wish I could make you aware of the type of care you require.

How can I impress upon you that you are desired.

They didn't take their time with you.

They didn't water you properly.

They didn't make sure you got enough light.

They didn't  invest one second to fully take  all your glorious splendor in.

I have the time.

I'll  prune you gently.

I'll handle your petals with extreme  caution.

I'll revive your roots.

I'll remove all weeds.

I'll shower you with attention.

I'll supply all your needs.

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