Wednesday, November 27, 2019

The doors open.

I got an open door policy.

My door is always open.

Let me rephrase that.

It's always open for things that were meant to stay.

Come on in happiness.

Come on in love.

Come on in abundance.

Come on in peace.

Come on in warmth.

Come on in loyalty.

Come on in growth.

Come on in compassion.

Come on virtue .

Come on in laughter.

Come on in healing.

Drama will be denied access.

Come on in learning.

Come on in teachable moments.

bitterness is not on the guest list.

gossip doesn't get a pass.

Sorry anger your not invited.

Shame and doubt please see your way out.

My door is always open.

It always opens for what's suppose to be in place.

Everything else will have to wait.

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HLH© 11/27/29 

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