Sunday, January 7, 2018

I almost

Today I almost did it.
I really did.
I almost did something so unspeakable that I almost did it.
I almost gave up.
I almost stop believing in me.
I was just about to curb vision.
I was about to abandon hope.
I was about to dream on the back burner and embrace that I wasn't meant to shine.
I wasn't meant to have it.
Success would never be mine.
I really started programming myself to believe...not to believe.
I'm tired.
I hurt.
I'm disheartened to say the least.
I will press on press on and keep shining my light.
I know I'll probably grow weary again.
I know I may loose or outgrow a couple of friends.
I may take a few L's
I might get derailed.
I might fall short.
Yes, I'm 99% sure at some point I will fail.
What I will do is not give up.
I will press through all the hate.
All the stressful days.
All the sleepless nights.
I will press forward and live like everything seek I'm seeking is already mine.
I can't believe that  I almost gave up.



HLH CR 1/07/18

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