Friday, April 15, 2016

time bomb

The other day I over heard two teenagers talking and every other word that came out of their mouth was I don't give a Fu#k.
The scary thing is I know they meant it with every fiber of their being.

How did this happen?

When did we drop the ball?

I can't process how I can reach them.

Why are our children like this?

How did this happen?


They have no concept of the future.

They want it all  right now.

It usually starts with a few insult jabs fack and forth in the dm's
Then escalates to death taunts on the wall./

talking about what their going to do when the see them.
A public beat down captured on world star.

I can remember a time where there use to be boundaries and protocol.
Lines that shouldn't and wouldn't be crossed.

Now these little thundercats are wilding all the time.
Always ready to say fuck it all and whose ever with them./

Chuckling to their selves while in the back of their minds saying look how dirty I did em.

A slain body now laying lifeless./
As if they do not know the difference between what wrong and right is./
All they seem to know is getting revenge and making them pay regardless what the price is./
Their too young to appreciate what life really is./
I really don't like this new scene.
They all want to be gangstas and trap queens.
Henny for breakfast.
blunts for lunch.
It doesn't take much to set them off.
If they have a pistol then we have a problem.
I'm afraid.
No not fearful of them.
Afraid for them.
Their killing each other before they reach adult hood.
All over the country it's same.
Never any real target in mind.
Who do we blame?
This epidemic is getting out of hand.
If they keep killing like this there won't be a future.
Anyone can get it at any time.
bullets don't have any name.
When will this crisis end?
This is truly a shame.
Their anger is sheathing.
 Looking for any excuse to unload.
Today's youth are like ticking time bombs.
You never know when they'll explode.

This poem was not intended to bash the new generation.
There are a lot of teens and tweens making great strides in the community and impacting society in a positive way.
This poem was written to address the black on black shooting death tolls in places
like Miami, Chicago, Boston New York,Texas And Louisiana

the poetry corner: poetry with a passion. Poetry for all occasions
 HLH CR. 4/15/16

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