Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dream for sale$ Part1(mr.spider)

You have a big city attitude and Southern curves
All you ever wanted is for a man to admire and respect your 
mind not oggle your behind.
 you met him.
He enters with a charming grin.
He has deep conversation.
 Oh yes. He's different from all the other men.
He shows a general concern about your intrest, hopes and dreams.
 You're in total awe of him.
He swept you off your feet.
The loven was good
The emotions ran deep.
He sold you a dream and you bought it.
Yeah he was that good.
He fooled your parents, siblings, and friends.
He was so slick you could no longer tell fantasy from reality.
He had you believing he was the Prince of morality.
 Christian values.
The reverend even put a stamp on him and reserved a pugh for the both of you.
He sold you a dream and you bought it.
He got you picking out wedding rings and trying out his last name.
Little do know that day will never come.
You thought you met a Prince but in reality he's a spider.
A master at ensnaring females in his web of lies.
You got the early morning text her from her and of course he had the perfect cover.
She was just a bitter ex and there is no other.
He sold you a dream and you bought it.
Then finally the confrontation comes.
She's all in your face.
She has a woman to woman with you and explains to you her place.
All this time you thought you where his one and only.
You had no clue. How low on the totem pole you were.
You weren't even number two.
You got ran over by the love truck and didn't even notice the blinker
He sold you a dream and you bought it.

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