Friday, August 31, 2018

Remeber when it was good

I remember the first time I heard my first emcee rhyme.
I remember the first time I peeled back that plastic cellophane wrapper.
I was instantly transformed into a hip hop junkie.
 addicted and feenin' for hit of the rawness. Waiting for it to penetrate my ears with that nasty  heat.
I remember the parental advisory stickers on the cover of all the music.
I guess the record labels wanted me to beware of the rapper.{ I guess they where afraid I might actually learn something}
All it did was make me want to listen to it even more.
I remember when the DJ's used to cut.
break beats. 
mix scratch and blend.
I  remember  arguing with  friends about whose rhyme style was the nicest.
Who could probably beat who battle.

I remember a time when my wall was  a massive collage of homage to best of the best rocking at the time.

I remember trying to emulate any clothing styles, dances, and trends( failed miserably BTW) 
I remember when you actually had to reserve your advance copy through an order form in your favorite hip hop magazine.
I remember that anxious chill I used to get when one of my favorite rappers would spit a verse.
I watched the art form go from vinyl to cassettes tapes, to CD's  to mixed tape DVD's

I remember when it was good.

I'm not saying it's not good anymore.

I'm just saying I remember.

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HLH CR 08/31/18


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