Thursday, September 19, 2019


Never force it.

Let it come to you.

Embrace it.

Let take it take you.

Let move you.

Let it soak and trickle down into  your spirit.

Don't over process it.

Just move on it.

Just act on it.

Let it be an extension of you.

Wield it confidently  when the moment comes to you.

Don't think.

Just be.

In that moment.

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Just think

How much time do you have in a day?

How much time can you devote to finding your way?

Slow down.

Take your time.

You already have the answer that your trying to find.

Just think.

Just imagine all the things you want to do.

Keep that fire brining inside of you.

Remember what your doing it for.

If you can picture it inside your head it will be yours.

Just think.



Take action.

But just.



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Its not just you.

Somewhere in the world there is a battle going on that you do not even see.

Somewhere cries are pouring out that you do not even hear.

Their is pain hidden beneath a smile you might see every day.

Everybody is fighting a secrete battle.

Everybody is suffering in a small way.

Everybody is struggling to find an once of peace to make it through the day.

Its okay to feel overwhelmed.
Its okay to feel lost.
 It's okay to feel blue.
Never feel like your "the" only one.

Never feel like  "it's" just you.

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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

war drum

Its time.

Stand tall black man.

Take your family back.

Get your life on track.

There is no obstacle you can't move.
[thump thump]

There is now hurdle your can't jump.


There is no opposition.


Heal your brother.


Love your sistah.

Teach your babies.

Walk with pride.

look death in the eye


Tell pain it is a lie


Take your rightful place in your tribe

[thump thump]

Put your warrior paint on.

Now rise!


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lets go.

I see watching my movements.

I noticed you noticing my post.

It's alright.

I'm flattered.

Thanks for the support.

No likes.

No problem.

I just wanted you to know I know.

I got my eye on you.

I know you got yours on me.

Lets just see what we can see.

I made the first move.

Now it's on you.

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HLH© 08/07/2019

the door has shut

You got a little too comfortable didn't you.

You thought it was always going to the same.
You fight and make up.

You lie she takes you back.

You cheat she forgives you.

You neglect her she returns.

It's all fun and games until that door shuts.

When door shuts she's not coming back.

When that door shuts she has make a decision to take a another path.

When that door shuts she's not found a new person to make her laugh.

When that door shuts she's not coming back.
No more late night chit chats.

No more dinner and lunch dates.

No  more secret rendezvous

No more midnight mist.

No more sweet morning dew.

When that door shuts she's given you all she can give.

When that door shuts she's jogging solo  on a new track.

When that door shuts.

It stays shut.

She's moved forward .

She's not  looking back.

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Saturday, July 20, 2019


I think every child played make believe at least once in their life.

Fantasizing about who they wanted to be and places they wanted to see.

Ahh make believe.

Make believe is fun.

Make believe is an illusion though.

It feels real. But its not real.

What lies above the surface may not be genuine.

All smiles aren't pleasant. 
some mask pain better than others.

Every embrace isn't endearing.

Sometimes that's the enemy trying  to get closer to you.

You can't let yourself be deceived .

You have to practice how to see through murky waters.

Listen to your heart.

Read the signs.

Believe your first mind.

Learn how to decipher what's real and what is just merely an illusion.

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