Thursday, January 16, 2020

Inward smile

I've been told that I have sad eyes.

People often ask me why I look so sad.

I never respond.

I'm just the opposite of sad.

If they only knew how happy I really am.

I'm joyous beyond belief.

My life's no where near perfect but enjoy every second of it.
The ups and the downs.

Believe you me you would know if I was feeling down.

I appreciate all the experiences I've had and awaiting patiently for the new.

I'm only human.

I do have my days but I'm happy through and through.

The funny thing about happiness is that smiles are like band aids sometimes for some people.... If you just truly knew.

Just because I don't smile all the time doesn't mean I'm not happy.

I'm happy damint.

How about you?

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HLH© 1/16/2020

I guess

Wisdom seeds

Wise words usually fall upon deaf ears.

How does one speak the truth and make it palatable enough for an individual to want to receive  the message loud and clear.

The last thing a wise person wants to do is come across as daunting or disconcerting.

You have to choose your wise words carefully and bring them into your realm of understanding.

What is true will never cease being so.

Knowledge is knowing.

Wisdom is pointing a person in the correct direction to go.

Let them drink their fill from the depths of your knowledge well.

Quench their thirst with your wisdom in order make all things parable.

Yes indeed.

Go the root of knowledge and sew your wisdom seed.

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faith in believeing

Testing the water or taking a plunge.

Do you have faith or are you a believer?

Faith is like  taking a seat in a chair and hoping that it will be strong enough to support the weight of your dairy air.

When you believe you just  know  the situation will work out.

A believer will move forward briskly with no fear or doubt.

Both deal in the realm of trust.

Both are essential and necessary for plans to  unfold.

Both are an absolute must.

The question is  will you be more comfortable knowing or leaving it all to blind trust.

This is an eternal conflict dwelling within all of us.

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HLH© 1/16/2020


Thursday, January 9, 2020

Rythmic quandrey

What if we could actually see music.

What would it look like?

I'm not talking about musical notes.

I'm not talking about the rhythm chart.

I'm talking about music.

What would it look like?

Would it have a face?

Would it  have a stoic expression?

Would it smile?

Would it frown?

Would it be in the sky?

Would it be on the ground?

Would it be brightly colored or a conservative hue?


I think I'd rather just listen to it anyway.

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I have time

They say patience is a virtue.

Well then call me the virtuous one.

I remember a time I used to get overly excited.

Anxious beyond belief.

My heart would pound.

My fingers would tremble.

My mind  would play out the worst scenarios.

I would always picture myself getting the short end of the stick.

I would literally worry myself sick.

So many thoughts.

Then theirs's the what ifs.

What if it doesn't work out.

What if I chose wrong.

What if I never recover the loss.

What if.

What if.

Now I just take my time.

Now I understand that I always have time.

I may not get it right the first time or the One hundred and fifth.

But one thing I do know is what I will get it .

I'll get it because I will not quit.

I got all time in the world.

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Nolesome(alone but not not lonely)

My biggest fear used to be being alone forever.

Then I learned how to appreciate the silence.

It was in the silence that I heard the truth.

I learned what was dwelling within me internally....all the way down to  my roots.  

I learned how to appreciate myself.

I learned how to let my conscious be my guide.

I learned how to trust my intuition and let my instincts steer me in he right direction.

I learned how to let my minds eye capture the scenery like a photograph.

I hold these still images until they are bought into precise focus.

I hold them until all the blur is gone.
I hold  them until all shadows and lines have dissipated.

I hold them until I can see what is clearly before me.

I could have never gained such incite running with the crowd.

I do get lonely every now and then, but chasing after them moment is small in comparison to moving mountains from within.

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Thursday, January 2, 2020

For the culture?

Do it for the culture?

What do people really mean when they say that?


Don't do it for the culture.

Do it because you give a damn.

Do it because you love it.

Do it because that's how you like to express yourself.

Do because your passionate about it.

Do it because you like the way it challenges you.

Do it because it defines you.

Do it because it's a part of you.

Do it because you can't picture your life without it.

Do it because it's an extension of you.

Do it because you want to master your craft.

Do it because it means something to you.

Above all.

Do it because you truly want to.

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HLH© 1/2/2020