Saturday, May 19, 2018

By any means

Contrary to what you believe the revolution can and will be televised.

It will not be preempted by any tel-lie-vision programming.

The revolution will assume control over all your devices.

The message will be clear.

The message will be unapologetic.

It will offend hypocrites.

It will outrage racist.

It will frighten bigots.

It will confuse liars.

It will unite the noble and the just.

It will not be confined to closed quarters.

It will not be contained.

It will not be detained.

It will spread like smoldering hot coals inside a roaring furnace.

It will awaken the sleep and rejuvenate the weary.

It will empower the oppressed.

Learning and healing will not be denied.

Power and privileges will no longer be usurped.

Fear will longer overwhelm nor divide us.

No more inequality.

No more poverty.

No more suffering.

No more asking!

No begging!

No more pleading!

No more kneeling!

Enough is enough!

The revolution will move on even if we are forced to stand still.

The process may be painful.

It may even be lethal.

However,  It will not be stopped.

This poem is in remberance of  one of the most prolific speakers, profound thinkers and dynamic teachers of his era

This piece is an homage to his firery spirit not meant to incite violence.

Peace be unto you forever brother
Malcom X aka Malik EL Shabazz.

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HLH 05/19/18 cr

Friday, February 9, 2018


Pictures aren't  always worth a thousands words.

You can see an image clearly and yet be blinded to something staring you right in the face.

Look deeper than the image.

Listen closely to words not being uttered.

To find the truth its imperative that you find the "actual"narritive.

It won't  have a blinking light on the bottom of the page to guide you.

You have mute the distractions.

Loose the extra.

Dampen the innuendo.

What's the soul telling you?

Don't  analyze data.
What's  the soul telling you?

Don't  read body language.

Look deeper than that.

What's  your soul telling you?

Can you hear it?

The answer should be no.

What's your soul telling you?

Feel it.

Believe it.

Be it.

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Sunday, January 7, 2018

I almost

Today I almost did it.
I really did.
I almost did something so unspeakable that I almost did it.
I almost gave up.
I almost stopped believing in me.
I was just about to curb my vision.
I was about to abandon all hope.
I was about to put my dreams on the back burner and embrace that I just wasn't meant to shine.
I simply wasn't meant to have it.
Success would never be mine.
I really started programming myself to believe...not to believe.
I'm tired.
I hurt.
I'm disheartened to say the least.
I will press on and on and keep shining my light.
I know I'll probably grow weary again.
I know I may loose or outgrow a couple of friends.
I may take a few L's
I might get derailed.
I might fall short.
Yes, I'm 99% sure at some point I will fail.
What I "will not" do is not give up.
I will press through all the hate.
All the stressful days.
All the sleepless nights.
I will press forward and live like everything  I'm seeking is already mine.
I can't believe that  I almost gave up.



HLH CR 1/07/18

Friday, November 17, 2017

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

I'll take two.

What does taking a knee of solidarity do?

How can that act  show the oppressor our pain and reveal our stressor's without causing harm?

My blood boils.

My heart aches.

How are you going to stand their and look me straight in the face while flashing a crooked smile?

My people are suffering.

We give our 110% and get nothing back.

Our babies are being wiped out at an astonishing rate.

Unequal justice.

Unequal rights.

Unequal pay.

It's not my perception

We "are" living this way.

Everyday we struggle for survival in land that treats us so coldly.

We can never give up.

We must march on boldly.

We will stand together.

We will fight.

We never back down from perusing what is right.

So what will taking a knee do?

It shows how much we've endured and what we have survived through.

It shows our discipline .

It shows our strength.

It shows our honor.

It shows our conviction.

It shows our faith.

It opens up the doors for our other brothers and sisters from different races to protest social injustice with us.

It gives them the courage to  extend the olive branch and kneel with us.

It shows that we are not all so different.

So what's taking a knee do?

It brings us all together at the table of humanity.

I won't take "a" knee though....

I'll take two.

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HLH 11/15/17

Sunday, November 12, 2017


Men are not allowed to feel.

It's true.

As soon as we're old enough to speak we are initiated into the gang of manhood.

If it's broken fix it.

If it's creepy kill it.

If it's heavy lift it.

Be a man.

The key carnal rule #1in the man book of life is that feelings are not allowed.

Men are suppose to be macho.

Men are suppose to be rugged.

Men are suppose to be tough.

Get it together.

Get out of your feelings.

Shake it off.

Walk it off.

Stop acting like a little bitch.

You pull a muscle.

Shake it off.

Walk it off.

Stop acting like a little bitch.

Life's got you down.

Don't you dare share your pain.

Nobody cares.

We're not allowed to feel.

Shake it off.

Walk it off
Stop acting like a little bitch.

Loose your job.

Suck it up.

shake it off.

Walk it off.

Stop acting like a little bitch.

Your woman leaves you.

Get over it.

Man up.

Suck it up.

Walk it off.

Stop acting like a little bitch.

You get shot.

Suck it up.

Walk it off.

Stop acting like a little bitch.

We are not allowed to buckle when the weight of the world is crushing us.

We have to keep up a united front when we are spent past our limits.

We can't let our tears flow freely to wash away the heart ache.

We can't  sob loudly when we've taken all we can take.

We have to remain as cold as ice and rigid as steal.

Anything less would be unmanly.

Anything less would be feminine or bitch made.

We are not allowed to buckle.

We are not allowed to cave.

We are not allowed to cope.

We are not allowed to heal.

To be deemed worthy of calling yourself a "real" man you can never ever feel.

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HLH. 11/12/17

This world needs a healing

This world needs a healing.

So much hatred and fear diving us.

The darkness is consuming the light deep down inside of us.
We're  over due for a healing.

Toxic thoughts over whelming our compassion and sympathy.

We commit uncaring acts then go on about our way with no empathy.

If the  earth could cry it would be weeping banshee tears.

If it could scream it would be screaming loudly in all our ears.

So many oppressed souls, and devastated dreamers get woken up with harsh realities to face and heavy loads to bear.

God heal this world.

Put a band aid on it.

Nurse the wounded.

Rejuvenate the broken.

Inspire the hopeless.

Reignite the faith to those whom have give up .

The world is over due for a healing.

Heal it now.

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HLH 11/12/17